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Wildrose: PC announcement full of more dithering and soon-to-be broken promises

Posted on April 15, 2015 by Taber Times

Today’s announcement from Jim Prentice is just more of the same dithering and broken promises from a tired and out-of-touch PC party.

The Prentice PCs want you to believe that this time their numbers work and that they will follow through with their announcements after an election.
Prentice even had the nerve to say, “We’re telling Albertans exactly how much we will cut, and where” in the release right below a list that contained no cost estimates and had a claim to phase out roughly 80 ABCs without providing a single example of which ones.

Here are the facts:
·After complaining about the Wildrose plan (fully costed with breakdowns) for being too “vague”, Prentice announced winding down 25 per cent of ABCs with no details on which agencies, boards or commissions will be closed
·Unlike the Wildrose savings plan, this list of proposed reductions does not contain a single dollar sign
·The PCs unfroze the last PC manager wage freeze in August, there’s no way to guarantee they won’t do it again
·The Prentice PCs had eight months to expand the Sunshine List across government, but failed to get it done.

The reality is, the Prentice PCs are bringing in the largest tax increase in Alberta history to subsidize the most expensive government in Canada.

Only Wildrose has a realistic plan to balance the budget by targeting PC waste and shrinking the size of government.

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