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Alberta Party: Under the PCs, Alberta has earned a reputation as an environmental laggard

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Taber Times

Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark marked Earth Day by announcing the Alberta Party’s plans to strengthen Alberta’s energy industry through environmental leadership.
“Some people will tell you that we have to make a choice between a healthy environment and a healthy economy. The Alberta Party believes that’s a false choice,” said Clark.
“The PCs have forgotten that we can’t force consumers to buy our energy, and their record speaks for itself. The greatest threat to our energy industry is not taking climate change and pollution control seriously. Only by having a reputation as a leader in environmental stewardship can we ensure market access for our resources.”
The Alberta Party would implement meaningful measures to protect Alberta’s environment for generations to come, while rebuilding trust in the province’s energy industry. We would:
Accelerate the phase-out of coal power to reduce Alberta’s carbon footprint.
Implement a $30 price per tonne of carbon for large emitters who don’t reduce their emissions by 30%.
Implement a clean energy standard that requires 25% of electricity generated in Alberta to come from renewable sources within ten years.
Implement accurate and transparent environmental monitoring and effective enforcement mechanisms.
Improve regulatory response times to create certainty for resource companies that meet all regulatory criteria.
Investigate the potential of geothermal energy in Alberta.
Read the full policy release at

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