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Alberta Party: PC plan to cut $1 billion puts seniors’ well being in jeopardy

Posted on May 1, 2015 by Taber Times

Today, Alberta Party leader Greg Clark
released the Alberta Party’s plan to make strategic investments in
healthcare to improve service and reduce costs.
“The PCs continue to turn their backs on seniors in Alberta,” said Clark.
“From inadequate fire protection in seniors homes to not providing enough
support to seniors who wish to live in their own homes longer, the PCs
continue to skimp out on our parents and grandparents.”
“The Alberta Party would implement a seniors strategy which supports people
aging in their own homes and staying in their communities. This will reduce
overall healthcare costs, improve capacity and, most importantly, improve
the quality of life for seniors across Alberta.”, said Clark.
The Alberta Party has a better way:
– Reverse the PCs’ billion dollar cut to healthcare and guarantee stable
funding that matches population growth and inflation;
– Reduce operating costs by investing in long term care beds that will
free up acute care beds in our hospitals and ensure that patients are not
being treated in hallways;
– Ensure seniors can live comfortably in their own homes longer through
better home care.
Read our full healthcare policy at

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