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Shopping local is crucial for vibrant community

Posted on September 14, 2016 by Taber Times

My conviction is that as much as possible we should shop locally.

We expect that our streets will be kept clean, water supplied pure from our taps, snow removed in the winter time, grass watered and trimmed in the summer, our police service functioning top-notch; hospital, ambulance services, home care and other health services performed professionally and compassionately and our sewer, garbage removal and storm lines always taking care of our unwanted refuse and overflows.

All of this comes significantly from taxes paid by business and industry. When we don’t support them, we suffer from a drop in revenue.

When we go shopping in town, we sometimes expect that all of the products and services found in a large centre should be available in Taber. When they are not, we might be prone to complain and head off to Lethbridge, Calgary, the U. S. or buy on-line.
Local business suffers unduly when we do this.

Some day we may not be able to shop elsewhere, then what? Let’s maintain vibrant shopping areas within our town and thereby create a go-to place for buying rather than a go-from place to buy.

Celebrations like Cornfest can’t maintain a constant revenue flow for the year. It’s basic support of our local merchants on a daily basis that does. Local shopping often provides the servicing of our purchases when needed which may not be done as cheaply, quickly or satisfactorily as those from afar.

If we are not primarily shoppers locally, but still insist on every service and product at a quick and high level, we need to reconsider our shopping destinations and make the necessary adjustments to invigorate our town. That invigoration also brings about more employment opportunities locally. Who wouldn’t want that?


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