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Written by Garrett Simmons   
Wednesday, 02 May 2012 14:41

Imagine if you had the opportunity to visit some of the most iconic and historic spots in all of Europe.
That’s the opportunity the Barnwell Travel Club had over the Easter break, 14 people flew across the ocean to make stops in Italy and France. Five Barnwell School students led the charge, along with parents from the community and a teacher at the school.
Tim Kleiner, Thomas Platt, Tayler Platt, Mack Jansen and Luke Goet were the five students, led by teacher Tracy Forbes and a number of parents. Forbes added the trip to Italy and France was perfect for the students, who just learned about the Renaissance and European history.
Twelve days were spent, split up between such hotspots as Rome, Paris and the French Riviera.
“I wanted to go to Venice too,” said Thomas Platt. “Rome and Paris were the two big ones for me.”
Forbes added her students and the rest of the group had an opportunity to experience nearly everything they wanted to.
“It covered a lot of Italy and a lot of France. Italy is what we studied with the Renaissance, so that’s what we wanted to focus on. We were never in one place for more than three days.”
Tayler Platt said Italy was the highlight for her.
“For me, I was more excited to go to Italy. I quite enjoyed the coliseum. It was really neat. When you go in there, you don’t expect it to be so green and lush.”
She added Pompey was also impressive, and went on to say her time in Paris also included a huge highlight — the Eiffel Tower.
“It sparkled for 10 minutes each hour. I was really fascinated with that. It was really magical.”
For Jansen, her highlights had more to do with the social aspects of the trip, which involved the Barnwell group meeting up with high school students from Canada’s east coast.
“The Newfoundland people were the highlight,” she said, as meeting new friends was a key part of the trip for her. “And, the foreign boys were pretty cute, especially the Italian guys.”
All joking aside, Forbes added the Newfoundlanders helped make the trip that much more enjoyable.
“It was an interesting dynamic being paired with them. They were high school students and we’re junior high, and we didn’t meet them until we were on the bus ready to go.”
Those fellow Canadians lessened the culture shock, which was still present.
“What you realize is just how in Canada we are so lucky,” said Platt, who mentioned the poverty levels the group observed, the lack of clean public washrooms, the crazy traffic and the crowded cities. “It’s interesting to see how different we live here.”
Forbes added she would like to give more students and locals the opportunity to see those differences, and mentioned the travel club would like to travel abroad once every two years. Greece and Turkey are being considered as the next destinations.

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