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Wildrose critical of PC vow to “protect jobs by keeping taxes low”

Posted on April 15, 2015 by Taber Times

Today, PC Alberta released a comical statement claiming that, “Jim Prentice vows to protect jobs by keeping taxes low.”

The PC party seems to be forgetting the Prentice budget will bring in 59 new or increased taxes. This amounts to a $2,500 tax increase on the backs of Alberta families, while the PC budget continues to hand out hundreds of millions in corporate welfare.

It all adds up to $2.5 billion in new taxes, over $10 billion of taxes taken from Albertans over the course of Prentice’s plan. The PC budget plan rips money out of the economy, increases the size of government and will hurt economic investment in our province.

In contrast, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean released today a bold vision to not increase taxes and to spur jobs, growth and prosperity. It’s a balanced and measured plan that protects front-line services.

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