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NDP: PCs no better than WRP on health care

Posted on April 21, 2015 by Taber Times

The PCs say the Wildrose want to open the door to two-tiered health care. The truth is the PCs already opened that door, and refuse to close it.
The PCs allowed privatized health care at the Copeman Healthcare Clinic (opened in 2012) and refuse to shut it down despite “serious concerns” raised by Health officials.
Here are the facts:
An internal memo from Alberta Health (released by the Edmonton Journal) shows that officials have “serious concerns” about the clinic just eight months after it opened. (“Internal Government Memo Raises ‘Serious Concerns’ about Private Edmonton Health Clinic,” February 10, 2014).
Despite issues raised by ministry officials, the PCs have refused to take action even after Jim Prentice said there would be “consequences” if it was found the clinic was in violation of the rules. (“Prentice Vows Consequences if Private Medical Clinics Found Violating Law,” The Edmonton Journal, October 21, 2014).
Despite these concerns and Prentice’s promise to put a stop to private clinics breaking the rules, the PCs continue to allowprivate clinics to operate in Alberta.
The truth is the PCs are just as intent on keeping the door open to private medicine as the Wildrose.

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