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PCs: Where are Brian Jean’s “experts?”

Posted on April 21, 2015 by Taber Times

Last week, after PC Alberta candidates exposed the Wildrose platform’s deficiency of $29 billion, Wildrose leader Brian Jean made a bold claim.

From the Calgary Herald:

“I am happy the PCs have given us an opportunity to talk about our plan because our plan is awesome,” Jean said, adding it was the “most detailed fiscal plan ever proposed by any Canadian opposition party” in an election campaign.

“All of our numbers are there,” he added. “The plan has been costed and confirmed by experts in Canada. And they’re kind of numbers that Albertans want to see.” (emphasis added)


That was nearly three days ago – and there has been no signal from Brian Jean about who these “experts in Canada” are, or how they “costed and confirmed” his plan.

It’s possible that there are experts somewhere who have done what Brian Jean says they did. It’s incumbent on him to tell Albertans who they are.
It’s also possible he just made it up.

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