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Wildrose: Statement on the Wildrose financial plan

Posted on April 21, 2015 by Taber Times

In response to the PCs continued attempts to justify their desperate and outlandish claims about the Wildrose Low-Tax Balanced Budget and Savings Plan, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean made the following statement:
“Wildrose has been putting together alternative budgets with a transparent cash balance for years. As in the 2012 election, our team sent the plan for review by outside experts to ensure it was accurate. I’ve tried to avoid putting the spotlight on these good people, since the 44-year old PC dynasty has a long memory when it comes to those who help its opponents.
“Despite no qualified professionals being willing to attach their name to the staggeringly false claims of the six PC ministers last Friday, the PC campaign has been demanding daily that we name an expert who looked at whether our math held up.
“One highly respected individual we asked to check our math (just as he did in 2012) has agreed to let us mention his name. That expert is Dr. Jack Mintz. While Dr. Mintz in no way endorses any party’s platform or policies, we thank him for his non-partisan willingness to improve the debate over fiscal issues in Alberta and Canada.
“Given that Dr. Mintz is highly respected by the Premier, we hope that Mr. Prentice will personally put an end to his party’s embarrassingly false claims.
“What the Prentice PCs owe Albertans is an honest debate over whether we really need to be charging Alberta families $2.5 billion to balance the budget, or whether the Wildrose plan to target waste and cronyism and stop all tax hikes is the best approach.”

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