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Wildrose: PCs fail to remember their own school fee numbers

Posted on May 1, 2015 by Taber Times

Today, in response to the Wildrose plan to end school fees and lower taxes for families, the PCs said ending mandatory school fees would cost $193 million per year, not $100 million like we said.
We can’t tell if they’re being deceptive, or simply unaware of their own numbers.
Even former PC Education Minister Jeff Johnson agrees with us saying,
“Back to the school fees, they were $85 million, by the way,”
When we asked him how much school fees cost each year in Question Period.
If school fees have indeed increase by $108 million, the PCs need to immediately explain why.
Only the Wildrose will protect Albertans from Jim Prentice and his plan to slap the largest tax increase in Alberta’s history on the backs of families.

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