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Monday’s Remembrance Day is one that won’t be forgotten

Posted on November 13, 2019 by Taber Times

November 11, 2019 will be a Remembrance Day I personally will never forget.

I have attended many, many Remembrance Day services over the years.

This year I arrived at the community centre, and of course the place was packed.

I was standing in the entrance lobby and a young girl came up to me and offered her seat downstairs for me to enjoy the service. I sat down.

During the service I asked Rick Anderson if he knew the girl and he replied, Amy Doucette from Barnwell.

I then asked the young man sitting next to me on my right if he knew the young lady and he replied ‘she is my sister.’

I then asked him if he knew me and his answer was no.

I wanted to have a picture taken with her after the service, but it was not possible.

I would like to say thank you Amy for making this Remembrance Day a day I will never forget.

Jean Bullock

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