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June 12, 2021 June 12, 2021

COVID-19 trends reviewed for southern Alberta

Posted on June 3, 2020 by Taber Times

By Gillian Slade
Alta Newspaper Group – Medicine Hat

A couple of weeks after the first phase of COVID-19 lock down restrictions were lifted the numbers continue to show a downward trend.

Up to May 14, there were 6,457 cases of COVID-19 across Alberta. By May 27 that number had increased to 6,926 indicating a total of 469 new cases in two weeks.

In contrast look at a month earlier: On April 14, there were 1,850 cases and by April 27 there were 4,696 cases representing an increase of 2,826 cases in two weeks.

The number of people in hospital has reduced significantly too. On May 14 there were 65 COVID-19 people in hospital across the province with 10 in ICU and by May 27 only 43 were in hospital and four in ICU.

The number of people dying from COVID-19 continues but at a reduced rate. By May 14 there had been 121 deaths in Alberta and by May 27 it has reached 141, a total of 20 in the two weeks. In the same time frame in April there were 27 deaths.

In the south zone alone there were 1,166 cases on May 14 and that number reached 1,235 by May 27, an increase of 69.

However the number of deaths in the south zone has not changed at all in this two week period and remains at eight.

Individual districts/towns/cities:

Medicine Hat:

May 14 – five active cases and 30 people recovered.
May 27 – nine active cases and 33 recovered.

Cypress County:

May 14 – three active cases and seven recovered.
May 27 – six active cases and eight recovered.

County of Forty Mile:

May 14 – zero active cases and two people recovered.
May 27 – the numbers had not changed.


May 14 – zero active cases and two recovered.
May 27 – the numbers had not changed.


May 14 – five active cases and 15 people recovered.
May 27 – seven active cases and 20 recovered.

County of Lethbridge:

May 14 – zero active cases and one person recovered.
May 27 – the numbers had not changed.


May 14 – 91 active cases and 972 recovered.
May 27 – 34 active cases and 1,055 recovered.

Cardston County:

May 14 – five active cases and five recovered.
May 27 – 13 active cases and 11 recovered.

County of Newell:

May 14 – two active cases and 11 recovered.
May 27 – two active cases and 13 recovered.

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