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NDP: PC campaign pulling numbers out of thin air

Posted on May 1, 2015 by Taber Times

The PC Party, desperate to save a floundering government, claim today that the NDP
is not proposing to spend enough on health care.
The NDP plan restores $1.1 billion to the 2014/2015 health budget, and then maintains
this reinvestment over the following four years.
The Prentice budget cuts $1.1 billion, and then proposes to maintain this cut over
the following three years.
Jim Prentice called this election asking for a mandate from Albertans for his budget.
The PCs are now pulling numbers out of thin air and we all know why: The PCs are
no longer campaigning on Mr. Prentice’s budget because Albertans have rejected
They’ll say anything to change the channel.

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