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NDP: Rachel Notley’s NDP to promote energy savings for Albertans

Posted on April 22, 2015 by Taber Times

Today, on Earth Day, Rachel Notley announced that the NDP will invest in a new green loan program to help families and businesses save energy and cut costs.
“Albertans are ready to be energy efficiency leaders,” said Notley, “but the PCs have left families and businesses with high costs and big hurdles to going green. Under the NDP plan, we will help Albertans save energy by making green upgrades more affordable for their homes and businesses. By offering interest-free loans for green upgrades, the NDP plan provides real support for families and small businesses to save money on their energy bills. Our plan will also stimulate construction jobs.”
The NDP will invest $5 million annually to partner with financial institutions and extend interest-free loans of up to $10,000 to Albertans. The green loans will be used to make energy efficient retrofits to homes and businesses, such as upgrading windows and doors or installing solar panels and new furnaces. Today, Alberta is the only Canadian province without an energy efficiency strategy.
“Jim Prentice is focused on protecting corporate tax giveaways, instead of making Alberta a true energy leader,” said Notley. “The PCs have no plan to promote energy upgrades and no plan to help Albertans save money on their power and heating bills. Today, New Democrats are putting forward a smart, cost-effective plan to help reduce energy consumption. It’s a plan that protects our environment, protects the pocketbooks of Albertans, and creates jobs.”

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